Big Red Fire Engine

Fire Up Your Party

Does Your Child Love Fire Engines?

All little boys and girls just love Fire Engines.  Most kids dream of growing up to be a fireman. And how often do you get the chance to ride around on a gleaming Big Red Fire Engine? We can make that dream come true! Any child that has a Fire Engine Party will be the envy of all their friends ...if not their whole school. Make your child's birthday the best ever yet! 

It's the perfect solution  of what to do for your child's birthday this year and very affordable. Not only will they feel like a star for the day, but the memories of that special feeling will last a lifetime. A fireman party is easy to put together and suitable for all ages. You can have your Big Red Fire Engine Party at home, in a local park or party centre.

The Big Red Fire Engine will turn up with lights flashing and the bell ringing so everyone in the street will know your child is having a birthday. The birthday child even gets a 'fireman' coat and hat to wear! Flashing light, bell, gauges, hoses, ladders - everything children need to play fireman. It will have everyone talking for weeks. Your child will be overjoyed.

How often do dads beg to go to another child's birthday party?

Fire Engine? FIRE ENGINE?  Can I come too? is a comment heard often when they hear a fire truck is coming to the party.


Albany Fire Engine Party

No need for Albany kids to miss out on the fun of a Big Red Fire Engine Party either!

Grant your child's birthday wish to be a fireman for the day by calling Julie on (08) 9842 2468.

We pull up with lights flashing and bell ringing. You can feel the excitment rise as each child at the party gets a 'fireman' coat and red hat to wear for their ride of a lifetime. Once they are dressed and onboard we will take them for a ride on the Big Red Fire Engine. A trip down York Street is almost essential as they are sure to see someone they know. It's laughter and fun as everybody waves, toots and acknowleges their special day. Eyre Park, Emu Point and Middleton Beach are popular party destinations We can pick your party group up from home and take them there.  For groups larger than 12 we can make 2 (or more) trips as necessary.

Don't forget the Christmas Party

Father Christmas....and the Fire Engine....

How to make every little boy and girl's drean come true!

Christmas is all about kids and what better way to impress the party than having Father Christmas arrive on the Big Red Fire Engine. After Father Christmas gives out his goodies, we can take all the children ( and adults too) for a ride around the streets on the Big Red Fire Engine. Memories that will last a lifetime!